Uniting Retailers, Manufacturers and Associates (URMA) with Integrated E-Commerce Solutions
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About Us

UrmaTech is a leader in providing B2B e-commerce solutions. We help businesses to deploy successful B2B e-commerce initiatives. UrmaTech was founded by a team of software professionals with vast knowledge of the software design and development, project management and e-commerce technology. We are committed to designing and implementing B2B e-commerce solutions using state-of-the-art technology. The Company has developed innovative “state of the art” Java™ and J2EE architecture for B2B applications that is extremely attractive for a wide spectrum of customers worldwide. This architecture is currently implemented in UrmaTech's suites of integrated web-based solutions.


Connecting retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors into one e-community by increasing operational efficiency and profit.


Our vision is to expand our operations so that we become the leading e-commerce solution provider for wholesalers and distributors. UrmaTech e-commerce vision together with our development methodology and highly trained professional team provide us a unique advantage in providing e-business solutions.

Company Profile

Our business and software analysts will offer the services you need to adapt your business for electronic commerce. For software development we use the latest software development technologies such as J2EE, 3-tier architecture, WebLogic and Java. Both market-oriented and technology-oriented approaches of our management team combined with the high qualifications of our software engineers makes UrmaTech's solutions extremely useful for customers worldwide. We are committed to responding to any customer needs to integrate our solutions into their existing business software.

UrmaTech has realized that increased scalability and an integrated back end were keys to a successful B2B e-commerce approach. UrmaTech can customize products to each customer's needs.

Our Unique Style, Methodology and Approach

UrmaTech combines standard-based e-commerce software, middleware and hardware with proven industry and systems integration expertise to provide the best possible solutions for our customer's needs.
  • We tailor our products to each customer needs by streamlining their business processes, terms and conditions.
  • Our solutions are flexible and expandable.
  • We use state-of-the-art technology in our solutions.
  • We use well-defined development process and methodology to create reliable software.
UrmaTech capabilities, along with its ability to work closely with customers, allow the project to be completed under a very aggressive schedule (on-time, on-budget) with measurable results.

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