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The total worldwide value of goods and services purchases by businesses through ecommerce solutions will reach $5.8 trillion by 2006*.

Are you ready to work smarter?

B2B e-commerce will bring productivity gains and cost savings. The technology is here, but,
  • How do you start using the Internet to drive sales?
  • How do you get the competitive edge?
  • Where do you find the company to support B2B initiatives?
  • How do you reduce cost through integrated web-based solutions?
  • What products are needed?


UrmaTech designs, develops and implements B2B e-commerce applications and e-business solutions with a scalable architecture that lowers the cost and broadens the range of services between the wholesaler/distributor, the retailer and the logistics provider.

UrmaTech’s suites of integrated web-based solutions enable wholesalers and distributors to turn Internet into a profitable sales channel and streamline their core business operations for maximum efficiency.

Now your customers located anywhere in the world can buy online through world class automated, secure, B2B e-commerce using the Web.

* IDC Pub ID:IDC822876, B2B and eMarketplaces, June 20, 2002.

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